Serving the people of Berkhamsted

Youth Services

Swan Youth Centre

The Swan Youth Centre offers young people between 12-18 years, the opportunity to meet informally with friends and participate in a variety of social educational activities. Members can access information on many issues that effect them, enabling them to make positive choices in their lives. They are also encouraged to have a sense of ownership of the Centre by including them in decision - making. The Centre is equipped with a pool table, DJ booth, table football, Internet room, nintendo wii, chill-out room, coffee bar, drum kit and air-hockey.

Berkhamsted Youth Town Council

The Youth Council are based at the Swan Youth Centre but hold their monthly meetings at the Berkhamsted Council Chambers and are a voice for all young people in the town and the surrounding rural villages. Members attend local schools and have been elected by their peers. They make sure young people's voices are heard in many aspects of their community life. They carry out fund raising events to fund activities for other young people, and were very involved in campaigning for the skate park in canal fields.

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