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Transport and Environment

The Transport and Environment Committee considers local transport matters relating to roads, transport, parking, pavements.

In each case, the Committee deals with those issues within its powers, and reports and works to influence the relevant authorities for action where a particular matter lies outside its remit.

The environment is of very high priority to the people of Berkhamsted and so it is for the Town Council. We are responsible for the Millennium Garden and the Gateway Garden and for Birtchnell's Copse in Ivy House Lane.

At its Full Council meeting on the 10th of June 2019, Berkhamsted Town Council declared a Climate Emergency. Further details on the work of the Council as a result of this declaration can be found here

With the Borough Council, we were successful in obtaining the Green Flag Award for Canal Fields, and work together and with local residents to ensure that this area is properly maintained and developed for the benefit of the community.

The Town Council also works to influence the Borough Council on street cleaning, litter, provision and maintenance of parks and green spaces and childrens' play areas.

The Transport and Environment Committee oversees the work and receives and adopts the minutes of the following sub-committees:

Climate Emergency Steering Group

Community Infrastructure Working Group

Events Committee Working Group

Parking Provision and Management Forum

Parish Paths Partnership

Terms of Reference


You can find all minutes from this committee and its sub committees in our documents section.

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