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Town Planning

The Town Planning Committee consists of 7 Councillors who meet once every three weeks and make recommendations with regard to all planning applications submitted within the parish of Berkhamsted. The meetings are open to the public and are advertised on Town Council notice boards and on the web site.

The committees aims are:

a) To receive and comment upon planning applications referred to it by the planning authority for the district, Dacorum Borough Council; or any authority so empowered to do.

b) To receive and comment upon matters relating to any other planning issue.

c) To receive and comment upon consultative papers received from the Borough or County Councils relevant to the Local Development Framework or the County Structure Plan.

d) To receive and comment upon consultative papers received from the East of England Regional Assembly where they refer to Planning issues.

e) To respond to requests for Street naming in accordance with the agency agreement with the Borough Council.

Members of the public attending the meetings can address the committee and raise any objections or comments of support they might have in respect of applications of interest.

Terms of Reference


You can find all minutes from this committee in our documents section.

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