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The Swan Youth Project

The Swan Youth Project is a youth drop-in centre situated on Berkhamsted High Street. We have been here for the young people of Berkhamsted for over twenty years providing a safe and fun environment in which those visiting us can unwind after school. It is a matter of choice whether that is simply with a drink and some food or taking part in the varied organised activities. We also offer evening and holiday events.

It was with great sadness that the trustees of the Swan Youth Project decided not to reopen its doors due to Covid-19, feeling that until we could do so safely, we would be better to remain closed. During the last six months we have not been idle and have used the time to refurbish the Swan and work towards a time when we can open safely and within government guidelines. We are constantly revaluating the situation and can assure our members, parents and all interested parties that we will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Swan Update - December 2020

We very much appreciate that this year has been very disruptive for everyone and especially our members who enjoyed attending at the Swan. We do hope that you are well and have stayed positive.

We remain committed to re-opening the Swan at the earliest opportunity though to be clear, we remain closed at this time. This is something that the Trustees discuss every month taking account of COVID in the community, Government and local regulations, etc. Since September, we have continued to track how schools and organisations similar to ours are managing and addressing the issues that arise.

We are pleased to hear about the launch of a Government vaccination programme though realistically, it's wider impact will take some months. This will hopefully create a more optimistic view as to when we re-open. Our desire is to do so during Spring, starting with a small number of members and activities, then gradually adding to those age groups that can attend.

We have used this time to refurbish the Swan. Having considered how best to staff it in the future, we are recruiting new staff and at the same time, will decide on what activities to provide and how to deliver them.

We will continue to stay in touch with our members through social media and updating our website, FB and Instagram pages as to what is happening so please do check them regularly.

We look forward to meeting you during 2021, in the meantime, we wish you all a very happy and enjoyable Christmas.

The Trustee Board
The Swan Youth Project Limited

Last updated: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 08:51