Serving the people of Berkhamsted

Councillor Nicky Woolner

Councillor Nicky Woolner

Nicky Woolner
C/O Berkhamsted Town Council
161 High Street

A resident of Berkhamsted for nearly 20 years, Nicky moved here from London and has raised her family in the town, she has two teenage children who attend Ashlyns School. Nicky is well placed to understand the multitude of issues families can face in raising their children in the town with regards to their education, health and wellbeing.

Nicky is passionate about the vitality of our historic market town and has an insight of what is needed to make it a more vibrant place to visit, shop and live in, while remaining inclusive to all. A tricky combination of retaining the town's heritage whilst it rapidly expands and develops to keep pace with future demands in a sustainable way. People should always come before profit.

In her spare time, she plays tennis (badly) and is involved with local political groups.

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