Serving the people of Berkhamsted

Local Pharmacy enables shoppers to refill their containers

Acorn Pharmacy in Berkhamsted are now stocking eco friendly personal care products in bulk to enable you to fill up your own container. They have a loyalty card for re-fills and are super helpful.

Amongst the the products in their range are

  • shower gel
  • soap
  • washing up liquid etc

Clean Earth Pantry

A great way to shop plastic free and without unnecessary packaging.

They sell unpackaged and plastic-free whole foods, liquid refills and sustainable and reusable household products, and you can buy as much or as little as you want. They believe in consuming only what we need, and offer reusable and sustainable to single-use plastic packaging.

Find them at Berkhamsted Saturday Market on the first Saturday of every month.

see their website at

The Refill Pantry

Independent zero-waste refill shops in Hertordshire

Bring your own containers and refill from a wife range of whole foods staples such as pasta, rice and nuts, to treats like vegan and sweets and delicious chocolates.

The Refill Pantry

Last updated: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 09:51