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Details of the Hertfordshire County Council (Berkhamsted 61) Diversion Order 2022

Following public consultation, Hertfordshire County Council has recently made an Order to divert Berkhamsted Footpath 61 to outside the Groundsmen's maintenance compound. The Order can be seen at Look under "B" for 'Berkhamsted, Chesham Road Cricket Ground, DAC174D/V'.

The attached Notice describes in detail the changes being made to Footpath 61 and the effect of these changes is shown on the plan. The changes to the Footpath have to be advertised before they can take legal effect which is why the adjoining Notice is on display. Anyone who wishes to comment, either in support or opposition to the Diversion Order, should do so according to the instructions in the Notice. Contact: Angela Simpkins, Hertfordshire County Council. Tel: 01992 555232. Email:

Posted: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 09:51 by Town Warden

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