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Berkhamsted Town Council - Launch of Environmental and Biodiversity award fund

As a result of its Climate Emergency work, following declaring a climate emergency in 2019, Berkhamsted Town Council is excited to announce the launch of its Environmental and Biodiversity Grant award fund.

The purpose of the Environmental and Biodiversity Grant is to help local community groups implement projects or activities which specifically support the Town Council's environmental objectives and which deliver actions towards carbon neutrality within our community, with the aim of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030.

The Environmental and Biodiversity Grant award will be considered for projects or activities which fit into one or more of the following themes:

• Those that create, restore or enhance local biodiversity;

• Those that support and encourage the local community to adopt cleaner renewable sources of energy, environmentally friendly technologies and which achieve a reduction of GHG/CO2 emissions;

• Those that encourage the reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in homes, businesses, modes of travel and elsewhere; and

• Those that promote and deliver behaviour change towards cleaner, greener ways of living that support the reduction of GHG/CO2 emissions.

Depending on the project or activity, grants awarded will be a maximum of £5,000.

Grant applications will be considered from local charities, community interest companies, voluntary groups and other not for profit organisations in Berkhamsted.

The Town Council also continues to offer the opportunity to apply for its General Grant Award with awards up to £2000 to assist with projects, services or activities which benefit the local community.

Applications for grants are considered throughout the year and awards are decided by the Council.

For more information, visit the Town Council website:

If you have any questions about the grant award process and how to apply, please contact the Town Clerk on 01442 800 152 or by email at

Posted: Mon, 07 Jun 2021 18:29 by Town Warden

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