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Planning applications received for the next meeting of the Planning Committee to be held on Monday 17 May 2021

21/01332/FHA Loft conversion, rear facing dormer and front facing velux roof lights
8 Admiral Way (NV)

21/01337/FHA A single storey side return and rear extension to the existing house, including interior reconfiguration (amended scheme, previous application 20/03839/FHA).
36 Victoria Road (EP)

21/01338/FHA Single storey rear extension and internal alterations
2 Sherwood Mews, Park Street (JM)

21/01348/FHA Wrap around side / rear single storey extension
26 Ridgeway (MM)

21/01430/FHA Modification to existing conservatory.
38 Trevelyan Way (JM)

21/01510/FHA Insertion of rooflights to rear roofslopes
Randolph House, 17 Manor Street (LB)

21/01539/FHA Loft conversion and rear extension.
55 High Street (NV)

21/01551/FHA Single storey extension and internal alterations
27 Brook Lane (TG)

21/01554/FHA Two storey side extension, singles storey rear extension and new roof windows
18 St Margarets Close (NV)

21/01565/FHA Loft conversion with rear dormer and alterations to fenestration; removal of chimney and replacement with replica
30 North Road (LB)

21/01577/FHA Part single part double storey, rear and front extensions. Alterations to window openings
51 Bridgewater Road (JM)

21/01603/FHA Conversion of existing loft to habitable space with addition of new roof/gable windows. Convert existing single rear door to double doors
1A Shrublands Road (EP)

21/01614/FHA Two storey side and single storey rear extensions and loft conversion (amended scheme, previous application: 20/03181/FHA)
3 St Katherines Way (NV)

21/01688/FHA House extensions and alterations with new front gables, front linking dormer and enlarged rear dormer plus new front porch canopy
Val-de-mar,1 Bank Mill (NV)

21/01699/FHA Rear extension. New porch and potting shed
18 Charles Street (JM)

21/01747/FHA Loft conversion and removal of central chimney
13 Hall Park Hill (NV)

21/01781/FHA Installation of 2No. roof lights. One to the front roof pitch and a second to the rear roof pitch
15 Cowper Road (LB)

21/01460/FUL External alterations to the Public House (Sui Generis) and construction of a garden bar extension.
The Crystal Palace, Station Road (EP)

21/01682/FUL Demolition of existing detached house, to be replaced with a new detached home (amended scheme, previous application 20/01429/FUL).
Mabuhay, Brownlow Road (JG)

21/01743/FUL Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of two detached dwellings with integral garages
4 Barncroft Road (CL)

21/01495/LDP Single storey rear extension
15 Victoria Road (NV)

21/01680/LDP Single storey side extension
Harriotts End Farm House, Chesham Road (LB)

21/01313/RET Retention of works: Overcladding gable end wall of the property.
28 George Street (BC)

21/00965/ROC Variation of condition 8 (Development should only be used for the purposes of close care accommodation) attached to planning permission 4/00269/92/FUL (Close care centre for elderly people, comprising 4X1 bed apartments and 4X2 bed apartments.)
Kilfillan Park, Kilfillan Gardens (RF)

21/01499/ROC Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission 20/03706/FHA - Single storey rear extension and associated internal alterations. Loft conversion with new rooflight and rear dormer. Garage conversion. Change rear extension from pitched roof to flat roof substitute MEB6 for MEB6 R01
62 Upper Hall Park (JM)

21/01329/TCA Work to tree
2 Manor Close (TG)

21/01341/TCA Works to trees
9 Ellesmere Road (AS)

21/01447/TCA Works to Tree
15 Doctors Commons Road (TG)

21/01546/TCA T1 - Lime tree - Fell to ground level
Shirley, 84 Cross Oak (AS)

21/01746/TCA Works to trees
14 Gravel Path (TG)

21/01349/TPO Works to tree.
2 Ballinger Court (AS)

21/01432/TPO Works to tree
Redlands, Graemesdyke Road (TG)

21/01457/TPO Works to Trees
Little Wilton, Shootersway Lane (TG)

21/01514/TPO Work to trees
6 Millfield (AS)

21/01606/TPO Fell Tree
2 Gilpins Ride (TG)

21/01613/TPO Works to Beech Tree
20 Lochnell Road (TG)

21/01689/TPO Works to trees.
12 The Spinney (TG)

Posted: Tue, 04 May 2021 16:13 by Deputy Clerk

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