Serving the people of Berkhamsted

We are excited to invite you to take part in Berkhamsted Great Big Green Week as part of the Great Big Green Week from 18th - 26th September 2021 - a UK wide celebration of action on climate change.

Our local events will bring together individuals and groups to celebrate what Berkhamsted people are doing in our community to respond to the climate and ecological emergency – and explore what more we can do to achieve net zero missions as soon as possible.

Our programme will kick off on Saturday 18th September in the Civic Centre with a day of events and activities. Over the course of the week, we hope that many local groups and individuals will organise and deliver further events and actions, large and small. Climate Action Berkhamsted will publicise those events through social media and other channels.

We invite you to plan an event or activity to take place during the week of 18th – 26th September to highlight your special contribution to climate action. This could be something which:

  • kick-starts your project
  • attracts more volunteers or support for your activity
  • demonstrates your ongoing work and achievements
  • shares your expertise and knowledge

Whatever it is – it will be sure to inspire others to get more involved in greener initiatives, championing sustainability – or just making important changes in their day to day lives.

If you have an event or activity idea that you would like to contribute, or have other suggestions for how you would like to take part, please complete the form or email

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Involve, inspire, go green with Climate Action Berkhamsted.

Last updated: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 12:10