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Community Service Small Grants Policy (up to £1000)

1. Introduction

Berkhamsted Town council allocates a sum of money within each year's budget for disbursement as grants.

The following policy sets out how the town council considers and makes smalll grant awards for projects and activities which benefit the local community.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the small grant is to support voluntary groups, charitable bodies and community organisations, or new organisations or bodies.

Small grants are made to projects or activities which:

  • are in the interests of the town;
  • benefit some or all residents or community of Berkhamsted; and/or
  • improve the range of services and activities in the town.

3. The Grant

Depending on the project or activity, grants awarded will be a maximum of £1,000.

Grant applications will be considered from local registered charities, community interest companies, voluntary groups and other not for profit organisations for the benefit of Berkhamsted residents.

Applications will also be considered from:

  • religious groups where a clear benefit to the wider community can be demonstrated, irrespective of their religious beliefs;
  • health, education, or social services where there are benefits to the wider community and the project is in addition to statutory services and;
  • branches of regional or national organisations which clearly demonstrate how the funding is to be used to specifically benefit the people of Berkhamsted.

Generally, only one grant will be made to an organisation in any financial year.

The town council distributes grants to a variety of organisations, which may mean that a smaller amount is awarded than that applied for.

The town council will normally only fund up to a maximum of 50% of a project cost and will not give grants to cover costs that have already been incurred.

Applications will not be considered from:

  • individuals;
  • commercial organisations which aim to generate a profit;
  • those that rely on professional support.

Grants will not be awarded for projects or activities that:

  • should be met from statutory responsibilities;
  • could reasonably be expected to be funded from other sources, such as unallocated reserves members' subscriptions, etc.,
  • seek to promote or oppose a party political or religious viewpoint or activity;
  • seek to fund professional services, salary, routine or other administrative costs.

4. Application

Applications are considered throughout the year in accordance with this policy by either full council or finance and policy committee. Applications should be submitted at least 10 days before the next scheduled meeting to be considered at that meeting.

Grant applications will only be considered if submitted on a small grants application form and questions should be answered fully.

Applicants will be informed of the decision on a grant application as soon as possible.

Grant awards will be paid by BACS transfer to the organisation's bank account. Grant awards will not be made payable to individuals.

The grant award cannot be increased after the decision to award has been made.

The town council may mention awardees in its publicity and reports to the town.

5. Conditions

Grant awards must:

  • be used for the purpose for which the application was made;
  • be used within one year;
  • be returned if the project or activity does not proceed as planned or if the organisation ceases to exist.

Applicants will:
provide proof of purchase to the town council if the grant was for a specific item;

  • provide such assistance as is reasonably necessary to enable the Council to comply with its requirements under the Freedom of Information Act;
  • provide regular updates via the council's monitoring form on project progress and delivery;
  • acknowledge the contribution made by the town council when arranging promotional activity or literature including press releases relating to the application. The town council's logo will be provided upon request for this purpose.

6. Data Protection

In signing the Grant Application Form, you give permission for Berkhamsted Town Council to use the information that you provide for:

  • establishing your entitlement to a grant; and
  • inclusion on a computerised register maintained by the town council; and, during the life of a grant, if awarded, to administer and analyse applications and grants.

The information in this Policy could change from time to time. Policy and regulations on distributing funds may also change. We reserve the right to amend any policy, procedures and assessment criteria and will aim to inform actual or possible beneficiaries.

7. Contact Details

Please submit all enquiries and completed application forms to the town clerk.

You can contact the clerk by telephone, email, or by post.

The Civic Centre, 161 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 3HD

01442 800 146

If you would like to apply for a small grant up to £1000 then please fill in the form below.

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