Serving the people of Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted Town Council have a very active Energy Working Group lead by Councillor Paul de Hoest.

Here is a taste of some of the exciting events and initiatives happening this year:

Where to Find Advice on Making Your Home or Business More Energy Efficient

Berkhamsted Town Council have a great guide to help you to identify what you can do, and where to get more detailed advice about reducing CO2 emissions.

EV and Home Retrofit Event – Saturday 24th September 2022

To mark the start of the Great Big Green Week, Berkhamsted Town Council are hosting an EV and Home Retrofit in the Civic Centre on Saturday 24th September. Why not come and talk to a member of our very knowledgeable Energy Working Group.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Berkhamsted Town Council have purchased a Testo 883 Thermal Camera. If you would like to know how your house loses heat we can arrange for a member of our energy working group to come and take some images. Please note that the images can only be taken over the winter months in the hours of darkness (usually 7pm to 8pm).

Community Energy

Berkhamsted Town Council are involved in an exciting new project to ascertain if there are any viable energy clusters (also known as community energy projects) in Berkhamsted and the Northchurch parish boundaries . This has all been made possible through a government grant, which enabled BTC to commission a specialised consultancy firm to undertake a 'Berkhamsted Energy Cluster Feasibility Study'.

If the findings of study demonstrate that any of the seven energy clusters have a good chance of securing planning and being implemented then Berkhamsted Town Council will apply for a further development grant.

If you or your organization would like to participate in the Energy Working Group or any of their activities please contact us on:


01442 800146

Last updated: Thu, 02 Feb 2023 09:11